Christian Clothing Does Not Have To Be Boring!

May 21, 2018

When you go searching for Christian gifts what’s, almost always the first thing you’re likely to encounter? Clothes. Christian clothes. Guess what? Now’s’ clothing designers finally caught up-and today’s’ Christian clothes does not have to be dull!

I have to acknowledge it-I love to shop. And because I really like to shop I can frequently be found out wandering through the aisles in my local retailers, checking out what they must offer. Unfortunately, unless I wish to earn a visit for my Christian bookstore most of what they have available for Christian clothing is-well, boring! You may find a shirt using the infamous “Jesus fish” on it or there, but that is about it. Until now.

I was delighted this past winter to be drifting down the aisles of my local Super WalMart and stumble across an entire display specializing in nothing but fun, amazing Christian t-shirts. Sporting such unusual expressions as iPray (in authentic eBay style) these were stylish, fun, friendly and, astonishingly, cheap.

I know many people who would spend more time in Christian apparel whenever they were able to find it through a more price conscientious retailer, something I will have to bear in mind for the future.

What You Can Do with Christian Clothing

Interesting Christian clothing is not just about spreading the term (even though they do that very well also). It is also about making sure Christians’ are putting their best foot forward when they step outside into the world.

Consider it. Would you rob a shop wearing a Christian t-shirt? Can you begin a struggle sporting a Christian baseball cap? Well, fine, you can, but you are not likely to. Why? Because when you put those Christian clothing on you are saying, “I am a representative of this family of God.” Your mom certainly would not let you throw shame on the family name when you’re attending a dinner or a conference in their name. christian clothing designers expects the identical courtesy. Together with your own Christian clothing, you are promising to give him.